Tahyna Tozzi: Hottie of the Moment

Posted by the dood on Sunday, April 5th, 2009

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Tahyna Tozzi, who is well known to Australian fans of the show, Blue Water High, will be playing Emma Frost in the May 1st release of the X-men Origins: Wolverine. In the movie, Emma (Tozzi) and Cyclops share a “moment”, which is appropriate since they are love interests later on in the X-men series.

At any rate, Tahyna Tozzi is one smoking hot girl. The 22yr old Model and Actress has a sister, Cheyenne who is also an Actress. She is from Australia and hopefully, she will be in a lot more shows. Emma Frost, who she plays, is also know for her slinky outfits in the comic, so maybe she’ll bring some of that to the big screen!

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