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Claire Robinson: Victim of Hollywood

The beautiful Vancouver model and ‘actress’ Claire Robinson has come forward with allegations of “hip-pocketing” by hollywood talent Agents ICM International. The two older men being accused of the crime are John Rockwell, 74 and Jack Gilardi, 79. The story in the Vancouver Sun goes into much more detail. I admit I only read the […]

Hottie of the Moment: Gal Gadot

An absolute stunner, 23 year old Gal Gadot is new to acting, and her first big role is in this seasons hit movie Fast & Furious. She is Israeli and a model, and in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. In fact, she is probably the first actress in a while that really appeals to me. Her […]

Miku Japanese – Excellent!

I have a new funky-style Japanese restaurant to go to, Miku on Hastings in Vancouver. A friend of mine suggested it for lunch one day since it was halfway between our two places of work. She had been there several times, and it was new to me. The restaurant is owned and backed by a […]

Carrie Prejean is Hot

I don’t really care if she posed nude, or whatever… does it really matter? The girl is smoking hot, and is relatively well-spoken. Even when put on the spot by Perez Hilton she answered it honestly. At any rate, who cares about the pageant crown, who cares about the topless nipple shot. This girl is […]

30% off Christian Audigier Hoodies

Christian Audigier’s online store is having a 30% off sale on all their hoodies! Its rare to see such a discount from Christian Audigier on their most popular item.. the hoodie. Times are tough though, and everyone’s gotta do what they gotta do to make the sale. The sale ends on May 10th, so hurry […]