Affliction Clothing in Nanaimo – Is it played out?

Posted by the dood on Monday, January 14th, 2008

When everyone and their dog and their mother starts wearing a cool brand of clothing you’ve always liked.. you know it’s time to do something.

Only a few months after we started seeing affliction on the shelves of District clothing in Nanaimo and it is all over the bars. Walking into the bar there is guaranteed to be at least half a dozen guys wearing an affliction T-shirt. This makes it very difficult to buy the shirts and wear them in the bar without someone else wearing the same one. ALWAYS a problem.

Just the other day, I walked into District, and a guy was asking the girl that worked there if she knew which of the shirts they only ordered one of. I found it amusing that he was asking the question, but to be honest, I would go for the one that had the least on the shelf as well. But even then.. its still a futile effort. Let me tell you why:

1. I go to Vancouver and buy a Christian Audigier Hoodie that I’ve never seen anyone wear, and Frank tells me that he saw a big dude wearing it at Spice Lounge. Go figure. Going to Vancouver and spending $335 on a hoodie still doesn’t mean you are going to have something unique.

2. I bought an Ozzy Osbourne Affliction Red Label t-shirt while I was in Vegas… one that isn’t carried at District. I wear it to the Queens, luckily with my Affliction hoodie on over it… and my friend Mikey walks into the Queens wearing the EXACT SAME SHIRT. WTF!

Its almost impossible to make sure you are not wearing the same stuff as anyone else. There are a few options really, if you plan to wear brands that ‘provoke’ like Affliction, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, etc. Here are some tips:

1. Buy brands like Ed Hardy over Affliction because there are many more prints to choose from, and Nanaimo has much less Ed Hardy to choose from. Ed Hardy is also more expensive.

2. If Ed Hardy is too common, move to brands like Raw 7 Cashmere, chances are not too many people will be wearing a $700 cashmere hoodie out here.

3. Always layer. Wear your favourite Affliction shirt, but wear a sweet hoodie over it so you can strip down if no one is wearing your shirt or zip up otherwise. Also if someone is wearing the hoodie you can remove it. If people are wearing both, then you are screwed.

4. Buy online. If you can buy it locally, the chances of someone wearing it at the bar are MUCH higher.

5. Wear the stuff you buy locally to the mall or the coffee shop, save your more obscure clothes for the bar. Chances are people are saving their local trendy Nanaimo purchases for the bar, so you can break out the foreign goods and not be caught with your twin brother at the Spice Lounge trying to pick up a girl. How embarassing. Especially if it’s some chump that thinks he’s got style because he bought a cool shirt.

6. If you can afford it, buy the top of the line stuff from your favourite brands. Less chance of posers.

7. Always wear a cool pair of jeans. Its okay to be caught with the same jeans as some other guy, cuz its not that noticeable, but always make sure you have a unique top.

8. Here are some other brands to look into and diversify your wardrobe if you are hopelessly addiction to Affliction: Monarchy, Rebel Spirit, Drifter, Black Hearts Brigade, Division L.

That’s all I got. Also I recommend any Nanaimoites here get your ass down to Coi Clothing and support them some more so we have more than just District to choose from! Kal from Coi Clothing wants to bring in some brands like True Religion, Christian Audigier, Mexx, and more.

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15 Responses to “Affliction Clothing in Nanaimo – Is it played out?”

  1. Affliction shirts are corny as hell. Your diva attitude about over priced dork shirts is really silly. Here’s a tip for you, nothing ever looks as cool as a nice fitting plain black shirt, and it never goes out of style.

    now go die you guido trash

  2. What you are doing wasting your time reading this blog then? πŸ™‚

  3. LOL i love Affliction and i could care two shits less if my friend was wearing the same shirt…. You need to stop whining and step up ur bank-roll and buy all of them like me.. than that way u can f**king change ur shirt, Jabroni.

  4. LOL and i just read one more rediculous thing on your ever so gay post… POSERS??? LOL IM SURE YOU’RE NOT IN A BAND NOR A UFC FIGHTER…. SO THEREFORE WHEN U SPORT AFFLICTION… UR ALSO A F**KING POSER… WHAT MAKES U BETTER THAN OTHERS?? I went to your post hoping to read some nice stuff about Affliction but instead all you do is whine… Stop wearing it and dont write about it then.. PEACE

  5. Now, That’s what I’m talking about! Way to get worked up bro. I like seeing that. When I say poser, I’m talking about someone who has no sense of style that throws on a cool shirt and thinks that will make them look good. There’s more to it than throwing on a brand name shirt… I never said that I was any better.

    I’m quite sure I could afford the entire Affliction line if I wanted to.. they’re cheap enough. That’s the problem. I’m glad you have no problem walking into a club wearing the same shirt as your buddy – I do.

    I’m not whining, I’m presenting a solution. They are different πŸ˜‰ Come back when you find some intelligence, Jabroni.

  6. holy shit, that’s the fucking lamest thing i’ve ever read. You pay hundreds of dollars for crappy “rock star” clothes and get pissy cause another of your scenester friends wears the same one to the bar? Jesus Christ, I wish I could afford all those expensive clothes but i’m just a cheap jew. I wear wal-mart clothes and look like every other styleless joe. That makes me feel way more fucking cool!

  7. Why did I get sucked into reading this bullshit….. personally I like Affliction and ur pompass ass decides to down the company cuz UFC made it stylish. If u can afford the name on ur shirt than I think ur pretty priveledged for wearing it cuz its not cheap. Also, how many girls are seen wearing the same Guess or DKNY clothing??? We don’t bitch….. get over it douche bag!!!!!

  8. Do you purposely buy the same affliction shirts as your buddies so you can wear it with them out and look like twins?

    And UFC didn’t make it stylish, people wearing it with style made it stylish. If it was all about UFC, then the UFC brand t-shirts would be even more popular… I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that shit.

  9. bentley McRown on August 13th, 2008 at 2:37 am

    yeh affliction is out of style

  10. afflication is for gay lovers. Nelsn, go eat a weiner you stupid chump/pansy/poser/retard/loser/DOUSHBAGs

  11. I’ll get right on that, John. You sure have class πŸ™‚

  12. who cares, your just a stupid water ape, that doesnt even know your alive,floating on a giant ball, and sleeps half your life away…who cares about your clothes….

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  15. You’re all a bunch of toolbags and dorks.

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