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First Impressions Music – It Starts at the Source

If you guys have not heard of FIM (First Impressions Music), I strongly urge you to take a look. Oftimes, its not the system that is lacking, but rather the availability of quality source redbook CD. There are many remasters and recordings that are especially good, and truly let your system shine, especially in the […]

ASR Emitter Exclusive I & II Upgrades

Half Note Audio, has announced the newest updates the ASR Emitters. The list of upgrades is numerous: Gold Plated PCB board Bypass input Balanced (XLR) inputs Connection of two or more Emitters for monoblock and bridged operation The gold plated PCB offers an optimal combination with the Teflon isolated massive silver wire used throughout for […]

XLO Reference2 Ref 4a Digital Cable

Just got in an XLO Reference2 Ref 4a Digital Cable… interesting as this is not a coaxial interconnect, so does not have the 75 ohm impedence that is usually recommended. It contains 10 conductors in a double helix configuration… similar to a strand of DNA. I popped this cable in, replacing a SonoCable SonoSibelius digital […]

SimAudio Moon Equinox vs. Rega Saturn

Comparison between the venerable Moon Equinox CD Player: And the relatively new and Hyped up Rega Saturn: Which one is better? Well, I suppose that is for you to decide, with your ears, but if you want my opinion, read futher. The Moon Equinox unit that I demo’d has only unbalanced RCA outputs […]

Avalon Audio Nanaimo Hi-Fi Store

Having trouble finding a good hi-fi store in Nanaimo? Well look no futher! Avalon Audio has finally opened in Nanaimo providing residents with a better selection of audio gear. Monitor Audio, Hyperion, Bel Canto, Cambridge Audio, Rotel, B&K and Rega are just some of the brands that this place will carry. I am not associated […]