iKon Open Comb Deluxe Bulldog Handle DE Safety Razor Review

Posted by the dood on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

iKon Open Comb Deluxe Bulldog Handle DE Safety Razor Review
Price (At Time of Review): $130
Handle: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Head and Base Plate: Stainless Steel
Weight: 73.8g (Handle), 106.5g (Total)
Length: 85mm (Handle), 94mm (Total)
Made in Thailand

iKon razors have a cult following and are very popular among shaving enthusiasts as they have a reputation for creating a precision made product, at a lower price point than their competition. This probably stems from the Asian construction, allowing Greg Kahn, the owner of iKon razors, to produce at sell at a lower price point than the competition.

iKon has been in business for over 5 years now, and has refined their razors constantly throughout the few years that they have been in business. This sand blasted version of the razor head isn’t even available anymore, and is now produced with a Cerakote head, which gives better glide over the skin as well as providing extra corrosion resistance. But we’re not here to talk about the DLC head version, we’re talking about the previous 2013 one.


Here is a shot of the underside of the razor, to show where the logo is stamped and also give a good view of the open comb design. Please don’t mind the dried shave cream and stubble in the photo.. I should have cleaned it before taking the photos but I forgot! As you can see, it has a nice sand-blasted finish on the stainless steel head and handle.


The handled on this version of the iKon measures 85mm long, with a head which measures about 9mm high totaling 94mm in length, which is just about the perfect length for a razor in my hands. While I enjoy the variety of different lengths of handles just for the spice of life, if I couldn’t only have one length, it would be right around this size. It is almost the exact same length as the Above the Tie Atlas razor.


The 316 Stainless steel handle features the popular knurling pattern used on Weber and Feather razors as well, which is probably the best all-round grip that you can get. Is it the coolest looking? Maybe not, because its pretty pedestrian looking, but it works like a hot damn. As you can tell from the close-up, the quality of the knurling is not perfect, but quite a bit better than Weber’s handle. Feather’s handle, which I have not reviewed yet, is the best in terms of fit and finish.


I tried to get a shot of the blade gap, but the depth of field was not great and couldn’t get the blade in focus, however it is quiet a narrow blade gap on the open comb model. It is actually a fairly mild razor. It is not as mild as a Feather, but it is a smoother and less aggresive shaver than the ATT R2, another comparable open comb razor.


Here’s a shot from the top, showing the open comb design. Compared to other open comb razors I have used, the iKon is quite a bit less aggressive. Actually I found it a smoother shaver than even the ATT R1, which is suppose to be a mild open comb razor. It might be less efficient of a shaver, but I found that it irritates my skin less, but that may be because my technique is more suited to this razor than the ATT. The bead-blasting on the head surface gives the razor better glide than polished or satin-finished head razors that I’ve used.


And here is the disassembled shot, and all surfaces as you can see are sand-blasted, with slightly rougher sand-blasting on some parts. Because sand-blasting leaves the surface with micro-texture, it is usually more susceptible to rust and oxidation. This may be an issue for those of you that leave your razor in moist environments.


And finally a shot of the inside, that shows the blade centering posts, which in this case are bars. I like the design of the bars, as it has a nice look to it. I find the bars and posts equally effective so for the most part I have very little preference for what holds it as long as it centers and holds well.

Overall a great razor and incredible value for a solid stainless steel razors at this finish level. I think iKon represents the best value in high-end stainless steel razors on the market at this point in time. Are they the best? Maybe not, but definitely the best for the money.

iKon Open Comb Deluxe Bulldog Handle DE Safety Razor Ratings:

Handle Comfort: 8
Uncomfortable Comfortable
Aggressiveness: 6
Mild Aggressive
Weight: 6
Light Heavy
Balance: 8
Unbalanced Balanced
Finish Quality: 8
Poor Excellent
Value: 10
Rip-Off Steal
Overall: 8
Mediocre Excellent

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