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Ben Eager Beaver Cheapshot Hightlight Reels

Lets see the Ben Eager-Beaver Cheapshots! Bring on the piece of shit San Jose Sharks loser… He must have learnt something playing with Dustin Byfugien. You can see by many of these that Ben Eager has a hard-on for the Vancouver Canucks… it must burn his britches to be beat so badly by them. And […]

Asian Man Concealment on flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver

This is kind of scary!! If this Asian kid could sneak onto the plane disguised as an old man, what’s to stop those crazy middle eastern bombers from sending “praise allah” bombs to the USA with crazy disguises like that?! I worry about these kind of things giving the terrorists ideas. We need to keep […]

Gay Teenager Commits Suicide after Being Taped and Broadcasted

This kind of stuff is just disgusting. A gay 18-yr old violinist named Tyler Clementi jumped off a bridge to his death after his roomate, Dharun Ravi and a friend of his named Molly Wei from Princeton University took part in recording him making out and having sex with another man and broadcasting it. Dharun […]

Telus Mobility’s New Paperless Billing is a Money Grab

“In a bid to be more environmentally conscious”, Telus Mobility is going to start charging $2 for paper billing starting Sept 21st, 2010. There is a logical fallacy here. If Telus Mobility really wanted to be more environmentally conscious wouldn’t they give everyone a $2 discount to switch to paperless billing? Darren Entwistle just found […]

Vera Kobalia, Georgia’s Stripper Cabinet Minister in Vancouver

Vera Kobalia, Georgia’s Minister of Economy, graduated from King George High School and attended BCIT here in Vancouver before being appointed to the Georgian Government in July 2010. Now, photos of her posing on a stripping stage with other strippers has surfaced from her facebook account! That’s kinda hot. We need ministers like that.