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Queen Charlotte Soaps Fougere Shaving Soap Review

Queen Charlotte Soaps Fougere Shaving Soap Product: Shaving Soap Refill Puck Size: 3.5oz Origin: Handmade in USA Street Price: $15.00 Price Per oz: $4.29 I’m a big fan of Queen Charlotte Soaps (QCS) products, and their Shaving Soap is one of my favourites. QCS is a small mother and son artisan soap shop, but isn’t […]

Ace Shaving Extra Density 24mm Silvertip Badger Knot Review

Ace Shaving is one of several Chinese Shaving Brush and Razor manufacturing/distributing companies that sell online via eBay, and other online storefronts. Some other notables would include Frank Shaving and Lijun Shaving, both of which are sold through several different distributors it seems. Ace Shaving’s products don’t have any marking on them but they also […]