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Amazon Associates is a Garbage Program

Quite possibly the worst affiliate program I have ever used. The customer service staff have been consistently useless and ambiguous in their response to my problem: I have not been paid when I should have been for the last four months. And now, the last couple times I have contacted their feedback department, I have […]

New Stuff from Ed Hardy

Lots of good stuff coming out for the Spring. Check out the new hoodies from Ed Hardy: These new hoodies are pretty sick. A lot of stuff coming out of Diesel has gotten pretty crazy lately, and I’m not sure if I like it anymore. My highbrow elitest attitude says No to the new Diesel […]

I got me a Sony Alpha DSLR-A200

My first SLR! I got my first fancy camera.. its an entry level model, so I suppose its not that fancy. The thing is not that easy to use tho. I’m learning. Its supposed to be the family level dslr for people that don’t know jack about photos 🙂 Its pretty neat so far though. […]

Zero Hour Is Upon Us! Thats Right Guys V-Day Approaches

So here we are with 11 days till valentines day and those of you who have a special someone to buy for are probably frantic. Or maybe not. Lately I’ve noticed a growing trend, guys who don’t “believe” in Valentines day. I’m not an expert and I have not studied the growth in sales or […]

Mens Jean Guide – Quick Tips

Buying jeans can be a stressful task, and that’s often when you don’t know what you are looking for. A systematic and methodical approach to jean shopping is your best bet. Usually when I buy jeans, there are four things I look for: 1. Wash 2. Cut/Fit 3. Pocket Detail 4. Hardware/Stitching Wash Wash is […]