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Vancouver Holds Chinese Chef Competition!

Vancouver starts a new Chef’s competition, inviting chefs from 12 major Chinese restaurants to compete in a all out war for best chef in Greater Vancouver! See more at the Chinese Restaurant Awards here. Winner was Tony Luk from Jade Seafood Restaurant. I guess that makes it the best Chinese restaurant around.

Tim Hortins Bans New Brunswickian

Apparently a Tim Horton’s in New Brunswick owned by Edwin Dow has banned a guy from ever going into their store again because he has gotten Burnt Decaf coffee and complained three times about it. Now, I can understand pain in the ass customers, and stuff. I’ve complained about lots of stores in the past, […]

MMmmmm Kettle Korn – Made from Scratch

Lately I’ve been craving some real fresh made popcorn in a pot. I decided to make some because that stuff is always tastier than microwave popcorn, and you can mix in a caramel/sugar sauce and bake them so its super tasty. I’m not always into making my own stuff from scratch, but this is good […]

Vancouver Restaurant Seafood Fraud

Just saw this on the Vancouver Sun this morning. Apparently a few of the restaurants out there using cheaper fish alternatives have been busted. I know it’s pretty common out there, as I’ve heard of many restaurants using pork and selling it as Veal, and using catfish instead of Cod, but this time it’s public, […]

Miku Japanese – Excellent!

I have a new funky-style Japanese restaurant to go to, Miku on Hastings in Vancouver. A friend of mine suggested it for lunch one day since it was halfway between our two places of work. She had been there several times, and it was new to me. The restaurant is owned and backed by a […]