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The quest for easy cash continues!

    So as I’ve mentioned once already I’m always out to make a few easy bucks online, so let’s continue that quest.  If you read my first post you’ll know the way to make money is definitely not from internet porn.  However I might have stumbled upon something that works,  online surveys.  I’m sure you’ve […]

Ultimate Birthday Present – Breitling Flying B

Well, seeing as today is my birthday, I’m going to post what my ultimate Birthday Present would be. I have a Breitling Super Avenger coming in the mail today, so that’s a nice little treat, and of course I have all the wonderful gifts from my girlfriend. But all those things and sentiment aside, the […]

Some times it’s not a good thing to have a hot nurse.

Ok so this is way off topic from the last post but I had to write it. Most of the world is unaware but I recently spent a few days in the hospital having stuff extracted from me in rather painful ways, which is partially why its been so long since my last post. Let […]

Hot Girl – Hayden Panettiere

If you guys watch Heroes, you’ll be familiar with Hayden. What you may not know, is that she is also a Singer, with several singles on complilation albums like GirlNext. I’m not sure if she has a full album coming out, but her music is very typically of the pop genre. She plays Claire, an […]

Girlfriends are wonderful – Make sure they know it!

I had a little birthday shindig on friday night at my place. My co-partner in crime on here, Rob, was also present. A good time was had by all, with lots of potlucked dishes including a fanastic dip by a friend of ours, Frank, who might be joining us in this blog soon as well. […]