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Ed Hardy Black Friday Sale

Well.. I did used to like Ed Hardy, and still think the designs are beautiful. However, wearing the stuff just makes me feel like I’m trying to look like a gangster, so when I do wear it, its under a hoodie that’s hiding 90% of the shirt. And even then I feel like it might […]

Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Walter Steiger, John Varvatos

I have a modest shoe collection, and while I wouldn’t call it a collection, I use it for lack of a better term. I grabbed four pairs of shoes from my 10 or so pairs of dress shoes, and decided to do a small write up on them. The shoes are: Allen Edmonds Hastings, Allen […]

Great Guide for spotting fake Hermes Ties

I’ve purchased a lot of Ties from a lot of brands, and the one brand that consistently has unique classy yet playful designs printed on some of the best silk available is Hermes. It started when I was given an Hermes Tie as a gift, and I really liked the soft hand of the silk, […]

How to Tell if a Dress Shirt is Good Quality

There are so many different definitions of quality, so this will be a subjective article. Many people will consider that DKNY or Calvin Klein dress shirts are quality, and while they are well-made shirts that will last you quite a while, they are not a top quality shirt, and are simply the entry level all-cotton […]

Ed Hardy Boys: Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle

This is absolutely freakin hilarious. Ed Hardy Boys. Hah. The Ed Hardy Boyz: The Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle from Jon Daly