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Latest Affliction Red Label Shirts

Couple new ones out.. one in particular has caught my fancy. The Kari Barba Medusa T-shirt. Kari Barba is a tatoo artist from Long Beach, California. Her work is phenomenal, as is evidenced by this new shirt from Affliction. The idea of having all sorts of featured artists design shirts is really making the Affliction […]

If you really want a Unique Hoodie…

Get one of the studded numbers from Great China Wall… This bad boy costs $1649: Thanks to Frank for the heads up on this one. Available at if you’re rich enough. The Great China Wall Rock Crystal Hoodie. Limited edition hoodie with swarovski crystal, all hand made. It’s a pretty sick looking peice of […]

The Real Gangster Clothing

Obviously I am not the only one that thinks that banning Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Affliction and Xtreme Couture from the bars in Vancouver is kind of dumb, but where does this leave those of us that are law-abiding citizens that just love the designs? Designating certain brands of clothing as “gangster clothing” means that […]

Still alive, and look at the sexy phone I found!

Ok so I realize I have not really been doing much since my introduction but do to unfortunate events in my life and the stupidity of my internet service provider I am temporarily without an internet connection Don’t worry though that hasn’t stopped me from discovering a new passion. Well an old passion actually. I […]

Affliction Clothing in Nanaimo – Is it played out?

When everyone and their dog and their mother starts wearing a cool brand of clothing you’ve always liked.. you know it’s time to do something. Only a few months after we started seeing affliction on the shelves of District clothing in Nanaimo and it is all over the bars. Walking into the bar there is […]