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The iPhone 4 Sucks

The iPhone accounts for 40% of Apple’s revenues.. if we all refuse to buy them, we can then eagerly await the fall of Apple once again! I do remember when all the schools were preaching Mac’s like they were the next big thing, and then they faded into oblivion. It will happen again.. Actually, I […]

How Else Will Dyson Revolutionize Daily Life?

This is a hilarious little cartoon making fun of Dyson’s overpriced and perhaps slightly improved home appliances such as his vacuums and latest bladeless fan, which runs $300US+. Like many have said before.. he is the Apple of Home Appliances. Cartoon by Tobias Lunchbreath

Ortofon Kontrapunkt A Review

I’ve owned this cartridge for a while, and this is my first moving coil cartridge, so please keep that in mind while reading my review. Inflation and other factors have driven the cost of this cartridge up to the $1000 range now, while it used to be in the $600 range only 5 years ago. […]

Bel Canto CD-1

This is an amazing CD player. I have heard a lot of CD Players in my time on my system, but this is the first one to literally open it up to an entirely new level of performance. Granted this is probably the most expensive CD Player I have ever had in my system, next […]

I got me a Sony Alpha DSLR-A200

My first SLR! I got my first fancy camera.. its an entry level model, so I suppose its not that fancy. The thing is not that easy to use tho. I’m learning. Its supposed to be the family level dslr for people that don’t know jack about photos 🙂 Its pretty neat so far though. […]