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Visit to the Audio Note Dealer

Drove the 100km down to visit the not-so-local Audio Note dealer yesterday, to see what they had brewing. In addition to the usual AN-E/Lexus selection was not much else. I noticed their Audio Note selection had gone down somewhat, and the majority of it had been relegated to the Audio Note room, as I like […]

Eclipse and Mac OS X Woes

This just keeps getting better. Since we have our workspaces in a networked drive so we can run a test environment from there, we’ve been having problems running Eclipse 3.2 on Mac OS X. We’ve been asked to use SmartCVS, but I personally would rather switch back to a windows OS than continue using Mac […]

SonoCable Audio Cable Blowout!

SonoCable is selling a ton of high quality Silver and Copper RCA Audio Interconnects on ebay. Right now they have 5 listed, 4 pairs of interconnects, and 1 set of Digital Coax cables, all starting at $0.99. They are introducing a new line of Supreme Silver/Copper blended interconnects called the SonoSeraph Supreme line. See the […]

SimAudio Amplifier: Moon Rock

What a massive unit. The SimAudio Moon Rock is a helluva behemoth. 220lbs and $18,500 each. This is one absolutely insane peice of equipment. I listened to a pair of them while visiting a friend in Toronto, and was pretty impressed with them. If I had $20K I might even consider buying a pair of […]

Further Adventurs of Maxperm in Eclipse on MacOS X

Adjusting maxperm seems to have a marginal difference on the effect of Eclipse running out of memory… even having adjusted it to 1.5gigs, it still runs out once in a while. That is too much to devote to a single application. The engineers are attributing the problem so SMB Latency, as the drive that we […]