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Revolve Clothing Sale Ammendment

The True Religion Joey Super T’s I bought my woman from Revolve Clothing were out of stock… unfortunately because of the sale (I’m assuming) they have been very slow in shipping stuff. Having ordered the stuff a week ago, most of it only shipped yesterday. They only told us that the miscalculated the stock for […]

Revolve Clothing has an insane sale!!

Huge sale… like almost 500 Women’s and 200 Men’s items on sale!! I picked up 3 pairs of jeans, 1 Ed Hardy shirt and a Ed Hardy hoody. Sweet deals, I tell ya. Free shipping in the US and Canada, which is a definate plus.

Atkins Diet Finale

Well, we’re doing the low-carb maintenance thing now, and its going well. I’m continuing to see increased definition in my abs, and I’m taking some supplements like CLA and Phase 2 to aid in the reduction of body fat. I now allow myself around 60-70g of carbs a day, which is quite a bit if […]