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Ben Eager Beaver Mc-Douche Bag

Man Ben Eager is one pimply piece of work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player that as a coach, I would be embarassed to have on my team. Game 2, May 5, 2011 vs Canucks.. He takes a stupid penalty that basically costs his team the game and then wacks at the camera […]

Paypal in 2010 – Still Screwing Their Users

I’ve been a paypal user for years, and not because I like the service, but because of necessity. Its convenient, and nearly everyone has it. Today, I tried to purchase an item for $3.57US and a few minutes after making payment, my account was marked “Limited Access” and the transaction was held. I have over […]

Warriors & Wonders – Best Shop for Knives!

In light of all my complaints, I decided that I should let others know that I in fact DO have good customer service experiences. I guess pointing out all my negative experiences really makes me seem like a negative person. Where I shop for knives and swords: Warriors and Wonders! Its a shop on Cambie […]

Women Ski Jumpers are Stupid

Call me a chauvinist, but the simple fact that the Women’s Ski Jumping sport is not mature and probably would not have the support both financially and atheletically (as in participants) seems to be a good reason to postpone the addition of the sport until 2014. Its not like they are not considering it.. they […]

Tastiest Looking Cookies EVER.

I guess technically its a cookie bar, but who cares. It looks Tasty. Just stumbledupon a blog called Picky Palate. This girl (who’s a mom, and pretty darn gorgeous – heck possibly even hottie of the moment material), creates her own recipes and releases them on this website, which I am assuming is her job […]