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Gay Teenager Commits Suicide after Being Taped and Broadcasted

This kind of stuff is just disgusting. A gay 18-yr old violinist named Tyler Clementi jumped off a bridge to his death after his roomate, Dharun Ravi and a friend of his named Molly Wei from Princeton University took part in recording him making out and having sex with another man and broadcasting it. Dharun […]

RIM Playbook takes on iPad

The new RIM Playbook was announced today, and is intended to take on Apple’s iPad. Its quite different looking so far, being much smaller with a 7″ screen closer in size to most e-Readers than the iMac. It also has HD 1080p screen definition and dual facing HD cameras. Whether or not this is a […]

Prankhouse – Evolution of the Video Game

This is like almost straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.. Reminds me a bit of that movie Gamer with Gerard Butler. You log on from your computer or even your iPhone, and you control Paintball Guns, Shockers or RC Cars and try and take out one of several people living inside a warehouse in LA. […]

Google Will Take Over the World

See, I’m not the only one that believes that Google will take over the world. Google has the most complete stats on user behavior on the internet culled from their Free Analytics software and their search engine usage. Additionally, they have scanned tens of thousands of books, most of them violating copyright laws. They are […]

eBay Final Value Fee Increase – Over Double in some Cases!

eBay’s latest fee increase comes on March 30th, 2010. They are now creating a flat-rate 9% fee on all auction style listings, creating over 100% increase in fees for many items. Fees that used to be around $10, could hit over $20! Many eBay sellers are up in arms, but the Giant is tailoring their […]