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The Golden Nib TGN Badger Brush Knot Comparison

[EDIT: Updated 10/3/2014 to Add new knots and separate hair types] Most shaving brush enthusiasts have heard of the (in)famous “TGN Finest” knot, and if they have not tried it, probably have some curiosity surrounding it since it is considered by many one of the best values in shaving brushes on the market. Given that […]

The Golden Nib TGN Super Silvertip Badger Knot Review

The TGN Super Silvertip was originally The Golden Nib’s Flagship Silvertip knot. This knot is not to be confused with the TGN Super Badger knot, which, while also uses Silvertip hair, does not have the word “Silvertip” in its name. This is a bit of a confusing naming convention, but I expect this happened due […]

The Golden Nib TGN Silvertip Badger Grade A Knot Review

EDIT (10/1/2014): I have received a newer version of the Grade A hair, and while Anthony at TGN says that they try their best to keep the hairs consistent, this one is noticeably different than previous grades. Its still a very good hair, but its not as soft, and the tips don’t hook. This hair […]

The Golden Nib TGN Super Badger Knot Review

The TGN Super Badger was actually the first knot I had actually purchased from The Golden Nib. While I saw the numerous amounts of posts promoting and lauding the TGN Finest 2-Band Badger Knot, I decided I wanted a 3-Band knot for myself, and being a bit of a contrarian (but not a hipster) I […]

The Golden Nib TGN Silvertip STD XH Badger Knot Review

This is The Golden Nib’s entry level Silvertip Knot – the Silvertip STD XH. I believe the STD stands for Standard, and XH stands for Extra Hair – meaning higher density. This is also one of TGN’s most affordable badger knots, next to the Pure and Black badger knots. Its also the only knot that […]