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Atkins Review – Week 1

Well.. I went on an atkins based diet a week ago, and now it has been a week of low carb (under 20g/day) high protein/fat diet. More high protein than high fat, but I am taking the opportunity to eat a lot of the healthy fats that I don’t always get a lot of such […]

I love Rockstar Roasted

I’ve always been a fan of Energy Drinks, and Rockstar is probably one of my favourites. I tried Rockstar roasted for the first time about a month ago when I was at a Nanaimo-based Sports Nutrition store called Fuel. I picked up the Light Vanillia, which is actually a half-calorie product, while the Mocha is […]

Raw 7 Cashmere Hoodie!

Was down at Fab Clothing in Kerrisdale today shopping with Ashley, and I picked up a Raw 7 Cashmere hoodie that was just marked down. Deadly soft, and super warm in pearl color with a Lion & Tiger design. Couldn’t find a pic of it online… but its kind of like the Dragon Hoodie below, […]