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Rooney Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush 3/1 Review

Rooney has an almost legendary reputation amongst shaving enthusiasts, mostly for their Heritage line of brushes that can cost several hundreds of dollars, depending on condition and rarity. While those fancy brushes command a premium, Rooney does make a main line for the less inclined.. those of us that choose to spend $100 rather than […]

Ace Shaving Finest 2-Band 24mm Brush Knot Review

After experiencing both the Ace Shaving Best Badger and the Extra density Silvertip knots, I thought it was time that I also tried out their two-band offering, the Ace Shaving Finest. The largest size they offer is the 24mm, which is sort of the perfect mid-sized brush for many. Its not too big, but not […]

Sandalwood Shaving Cream/Soap/ASB Shootout Comparison

Sandalwood is one of my favourite scents, bar none. I love the rich, woody scent and unlike other commons scents like Lime, for example, Sandalwood can vary so widely from one brand to another that they don’t even smell like remotely the same scent. My first experience with sandalwood was with sandalwood essential oils when […]

Joris Stainless Steel TGN Finest Re-Knot Brush

Joris is a luxury French shaving razor and brush maker, owned by another French Luxury brush maker – Plisson. Joris has different designs and also has a very desirable line of straight and DE safety razors that are among the nicest you can buy. Their meticulously crafted shaving brushes are also nothing to sneeze at, […]