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Oasis Time Flies 1994-2009 Vinyl LP Set Review

The most recent addition to my Vinyl collection is the Oasis Time Flies box set. Seeing as the majority of Oasis Vinyl LP Releases are costing in the hundreds for a single album, this album seemed like a steal for $250. Not only does it have almost all my favorite Oasis songs on it, but […]

Jasmine Audio Performance 6 Bookshelf Speakers Review

I picked up the Jasmine Audio Performance 6 Bookshelf Speakers since they were on sale from Canadian Hifi during their Boxing Week sale. They were a REALLY good price and I just couldn’t pass it up. These speakers regularly sell for $1199, and occasionally go on sale for around $900. I got them for a […]

THE Best Audiophile Upgrade to your Hi-Fi Stereo System

Without a doubt, the best upgrade I have made to my system. Just did it last week, and am starting to hear details and nuances that I never knew existed! Next to the sound absorption panels, the Debrox was even more dramatic, much more dramatic that upgrading the CD Player or anything like that. Sometimes […]

Rega Brio 2000 Integrated Amplifier

My father decided that he was going to renovate/redecorate his home office, and I was charged with the task of finding him a suitable Amplifier and CD Player combo under $1000CAD. I decided to peruse the used market, as there are typically better values to be had there. I’ve always liked the sound of Rega […]

Guns n Roses: Use your Illusion 1 Vinyl LP

I picked up this LP along with a few others at Audiopile on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. The owner there (or at least who I THINK is the owner) is a really cool guy, and the prices on the new LPs are pretty good. Additionally, he has a great used Jazz section and a great […]