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Leaky Gut & Eczema – The Conclusion

Results after 2 months: Well turns out that my Eczema was either not caused by Leaky Gut, or the suggested supplements to relieve my eczema as mentioned in this article and this article did not work. That is not to say that I did not feel an improvement in my well-being. I noticed significantly less […]

Why Girls like Badboys

Listening to good ‘ol Kid Carson show this morning, again gave me a little idea for another article. There are many out there thay believe that women like Bad Boys, and there are even more misconceptions out there that Bad Boys are Players. Bad Boys are NOT players, nor are they Nice Guys. We need […]

I ordered a Mercedes GLK 350!

Just went to the Mercedes Benz dealer this evening, as I need to buy a new car come July when the lease on my Cadillac CTS runs out. I decided to go with the GLK350 as I really like the way it looks from the photos. I went down there to test drive it and […]

Its a Polliwog in a Bog!

Canada’s finest pop-rock band releases their finest recording of their career, and takes home a Juno! The Barenaked Ladies take home a 2009 Juno for the Best Children’s Album of the year with Snacktime, their first Children’s album of the year. If you’ve never liked the Barenaked Ladies, you’ll definately warm up to them with […]

Ray Emery does it Again!

Bad Boy Goaltender Ray Emery of Ottawa has had his white Hummer seized by Police as charges of Stunt Driving are being tossed around. Ray Emery, known as the Dennis Rodman of Hockey, was put on waivers by Ottawa last July (2008) and was picked up by Russian team Atlant Mytishchi for a 2 Million […]