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Billy Bob “Asshat” Thornton the Canadian-Hater

#1 Douchebag and Anti-Canadian Billy Bob Thornton is “perplexed” as to why Canadian audiences and media were so worked up by his ridiculous blow up on Q. He said that it at least gave “humpbacked geeks” something to talk about. Well.. I’m talking about you now, Billy Buttcheek, complete with your ridiculous overgrown soul patch […]

Bingo Bango Bongo! His name is Roberto Luongo!

Canucks take it to the next round, and Burrows scores the winner in OT Baby!!

Crazy Jamaican Hijacker!

A 21-year old Jamaican man named Stephen Fray attempted to hijack a Canadian CanJet plane at Montego Bay, Jamaica last night… a plane full of Canadians which the crew was able to negotiate the release of before authorities overtook the plane. Crazy stuff man.. guy had a gun, and somehow breached airport security and ended […]

Pirate Bay Verdict: Guilty

The owners of the Pirate bay were sentenced to a year in jail and fined 3.6 Million Dollars US (31 Millions Swedish Crowns). This trial has been going for about a year, and many people have been watching and waiting for the outcome. However, the piratebay is just one of many many torrent tracker sites, […]

Lindsay Lohan Date Video

This is a funny video, and she still looks pretty cute in it, though her skin appears to be somewhat flecked with marks that are not freckles, though I could be wrong. At any rate, this fallen angel of hollywood now has a parody of an eharmony ad that has been making the rounds since […]