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Jimena Navarrete is the Hottie of the Moment!

Hottie 2010 Miss Universe Pageant winner Jimena Navarrete is the feature today. Obviously she is a beauty, but apparently has the brains to go with it. Nice body.

Telus Mobility’s New Paperless Billing is a Money Grab

“In a bid to be more environmentally conscious”, Telus Mobility is going to start charging $2 for paper billing starting Sept 21st, 2010. There is a logical fallacy here. If Telus Mobility really wanted to be more environmentally conscious wouldn’t they give everyone a $2 discount to switch to paperless billing? Darren Entwistle just found […]

McDonald’s McNugget Rampage Video!

This crazy Ohio woman lost it on the Drive Thru when she found out she couldn’t have McNuggets at 6am.. LOLZ

The Misconception that Microsoft is Bad, and Apple is Good

There is a serious misconception out there, mostly driven by Steve Jobs’ misleading ads, that Apple is a good company, with your interests at heart when in fact it is driven by profit and Steve Jobs’ ego-maniacal need to out-do Bill Gates. Bill Gates, along with his good friend Warren Buffett are both known to […]