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More Affliction Shopping Goodness

Frank and I went shopping the other day and picked up some more affliction gear. This will be my last purchase for a while since Affliction is making me poor. I have a hoodie coming in the mail and that’s going to be it for me! I must have missed the button-down Affliction Apothecary shirt […]

A new phone

Finally, after having to deal with a phone that has been dropped, slammed, soaked with sweat and smashed more because it didn’t work, I got a new phone. A Sony Ericsson T650i. Compared to my old phone, the very first generation, with no bugs figured and taken out, this phone deserves all thumbs and toes […]

Affliction Raw Twofer Long Sleeve Shirt

New addition to my Affliction clothing arsenal: The Raw Twofer Long Sleeve. This shirt looks so much nicer in person that it does online.. didn’t think much of it when I saw it on, but when I saw it in person, the detail was amazing, with fine velvet applied on the Affliction lettering on […]

Shanling SCD300 SACD/CD Player

I’ve been looking for a new CD Player for a while. Ever since hearing that Krell KAV-300CD in my system, I’ve had a yearning for a new CD player to replace my Sony 555ES/Lite DAC combo. The Combo sounds good, but is a bit too laid back and lacking in definition now that I’ve heard […]

Affliction Shirts with Asian Influences

Possibly due to my asian heritage, I am drawn to the new Affliction stuff that has the asian influences in it.. and the stuff looks sweet. I bought the scroll t-shirt a while back and now with the new Affliction Red Label line, they are putting out some seriously killer prints! Word is that these […]