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Leaky Gut – Is it Real and Do I have it?

Well, I don’t know if you have it, but I’m going to see if it’s the reason that I have eczema. I started getting Eczema on my calves and occasionally on my arms and elbows in very mild amounts… so little that you probably couldn’t see most of them unless you were looking really hard. […]

Huge sale at JJDenim

Alerted by my buddy Frank, JJDenim is having a huge sale on awesome stuff from Energie, G-Star and 7 for All Mankind and some other brands.. everything is 20-60% off. Some killer stuff on sale right now with a lot of decent sizes still.

Circuit City to Liquidate

Circuit city announced late on the 16th that their talks of an acquisition had fallen through and that they were going to liquidate. No more Circuit City! 567 stores to close in the US, which means that a lot of stock will be liquidated and sold to large retailers and wholesalers like Costco. Keep your […]

Look at all the Sales! Clothing, Electronics..

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed, EVERYONE still has boxing day sale signs up, and is trying to liquidate old (and even new) stock. The truth is, this was one of the worst quarters for retail sales in decades, and everyone is hurting to get some cash. My guess: If you […]

Car Insurance in BC

I get my car insurance from ICBC. Well, not ICBC directly, but though a company that does my house insurance that also sells car insurance from ICBC. In BC, you have to get at least part of your car insurance from ICBC, which is government run, and you can get collision and comprehensive coverage among […]