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Black Friday, Cyber Monday – Results Mixed

As we look back at this recession, we (at least I) hope to see encouraging Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – indicators that we are passed the recession and are on a solid road to recovery. Online sales reports have been in, and we are seeing an 11% rise in sales from last year […]

Vancouver Airport (YVR) Gets New X-Ray Machines!

Check out these crazy machines.. Multi-view view 3-D x-ray scanners… no more hiding your stuff so that it looks like something else from the side! These guys will catch much more. 31 new machines in YVR, and a total of 145 new X-Ray Machines throughout Canada. The ones in YVR should be operational by the […]

Ed Hardy Black Friday Sale

Well.. I did used to like Ed Hardy, and still think the designs are beautiful. However, wearing the stuff just makes me feel like I’m trying to look like a gangster, so when I do wear it, its under a hoodie that’s hiding 90% of the shirt. And even then I feel like it might […]

Windows 7 > Mac OS X

Looks like Windows 7 has single-handedly surpasses Mac OS X market share.. and yes, that’s ALL Max OS X versions. Seeing as Microsoft Windows does have over 92% of all market share this is of course going to be an inevitable trend, but Microsoft’s overall market share has also increased this month, which means that […]

I want an Olympic Torch 2010

The 12,000 Olympic Torches were all offered to the torch bearers for $350, and I would really like to get my hands on one. They’ve been going for thousands on ebay, which is too rich for my blood. I would pay $500 for one though. Anyone wanna sell me one? I guess not anymore, not […]