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Vancouver Boxing Day Shopping Success!

Shopping this boxing day was fantastic, with Downtown being extremely packed. Interestingly, Downtown had the most people and least deals as far as I was concerned. We hit a few areas but by far the best deals were to be had at Fab Clothing. The location we visited was the Kerrisdale one, but ther is […]

Let me say this again – Macs Suck!

I don’t understand how people can say Macs are problem-free, and are so much more stable than PCs.. because Time and Time again, the problems I get on my mac are much more severe and debilitating than ANYTHING I have ever experienced on a PC, hardware crashes not included. This morning, I run the latest […]

True Religion – Super T, Big T?

If you’ve been around you’ll see that Designer denim (along with every other luxury good out there) is bigger than ever now, with some really cool stuff coming from the giants in Designer denim like Rock n Republic, True Religion, Diesel, etc. For the discerning gentleman, a pair of True Religion jeans is indispensible. Masculine […]

Got my new Dell Inspiron 1420

As much as I love the internet and posting on forums and running my websites, I am not much of a computer hardware guru, which is unfortunately since there is a lot of interest in the stuff and starting a websites in that niche would be quite a profitable venture. I picked up my new […]

Affliction Sorrow Hoodie

Got my Affliction Sorrow hoodie in the mail today. Sweet hoodie. Its a thinner hoodie, in silver lava wash, with lots of silver foil accenting on the front and back, with the signature skull sipper pull. Lots of fraying and destroyed edges typicaly of affliction’s style. This is thing like a long sleeved top, with […]