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Jimena Navarrete is the Hottie of the Moment!

Hottie 2010 Miss Universe Pageant winner Jimena Navarrete is the feature today. Obviously she is a beauty, but apparently has the brains to go with it. Nice body.

Isn’t Emma Watson Hot?

When I heard about the nude photo this week showing the nipple slip, I scoured the internet to find it.. but found out it was fake. Bummer. Emma has really turned into a real stunner since starting in Harry Potter, and now at the ripe age of 20 is thoroughly bangable. Damn. She is definately […]

Hottie of the Moment: Anna Kendrick

Just watched Up in the Air, and Anna Kendrick looked pretty hot. I love the character she plays. I remember her from Twilight, or rather, the first half of Twilight I watched before I couldn’t handle the bad acting and melodrama. I love her girl-next-door look combined with innocent naivete, she plays it very well. […]

Jewish Girls are HAWT – JILFS, Baby!

I’ve always found a few Jewish actresses quite hot.. some like Rachel Weisz, who while nearly 40, has an undeniable charm to her, combined with her hot English accent. The article also mentions Emmanuelle Chriqui, who’s absolutely gorgeous and Rachel Bilson who is also quite a looker. While I never realized that any of these […]

Hottie Desiree Jennings Gets Flu Shot and…

gets some weird nerological disorder!! This Washington Redskins Cheerleader, and certified hottie is now screwed for life as she can’t talk nor walk anymore due to this strange reaction to a flu shot that she got. Check out the video: