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Disney buys Marvel Comics!

Disney has now picked up Marvel comics, which seems like a match made in heaven, so long as Mickey Mouse doesn’t start making Cameo appearances in the X-men. Shares have jumped, and the payoff for investors is quite good, citing $30/share dividend payments as well as Disney Shares. The recent blockbusters from Marvel comics such […]

Good Wedding Cake? Yan Bakery Exceeds Expectations

I had a few people ask me where I got that amazing cake in the earlier wedding photography post. It is a seven-tier cake with bridges and fountains and a cake topper that is quite nice. Decorated with approximately two dozen roses. The Cake was purchased from Yan Bakery in East Hastings in Vancouver. It […]

Avril Lavigne Back on the Market?

Canadian Pop superstar Avril lavigne may be back on the market shortly as her and her hubby Deryck Whibley are rumored to be having a divorce. While Avril isn’t quite as hot as she was a couple years ago as seen in this photo, she is still one helluva looker, and her voice is pretty […]

The Bay now carries Polo Ralph Lauren!

The Bay in Canada is now carrying the Polo by Ralph Lauren line of cothing throughout all their stores. This is a SIGNIFICANT step for the Bay as traditionally they have only carried clothing from Ralph Laurens cheapest lines such as Chaps and Lauren Green Label. While the Polo Blue Label line is not their […]

Pirate Bay Shut Down

The legacy is over… The huge torrent site known as The Pirate Bay has been shut down on and off over the day as their largest ISP was required to pull the plug on the webserving or face a large fine. The Pirate Bay is negotiating with companies to acquire licenses to distribute software legally, […]