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Club 241 Nanaimo – The Only Club You Need

Recently opened, Club 241 has quickly become the spot to party in Nanaimo. It is a nice place with clean floors and a brighter, fresher atmosphere than any club out here. Completely revamping the Jungle and under new management, they did some seriously hardcore renovations in there. Dance floor is 2 sections, with a raised, […]

The Ultimate Healthy Shake

I’ve recently discovered a damn tasty yet healthy shake/smoothie that I’ve been drinking with my girlfriend. She is a huge fan of it, and it’s really simple to make. The only things you need to make it besides the ingredients are a blender and a measuring cup and a tablespoon. The ingredients are as follows: […]

Affliction gets Interesting again

Affliction launched their new Heroes and Demons line of shirts that has a lot of insane graphics inspired by asian tatoo artists. Some INCREDIBLE work there… really awesome shirts, and now their line up is big enough that there are far more shirts to choose from. Definately keeps things more interesting. Check out the new […]

Hottie of the Moment: Odette Yustman

Just watched Cloverfield, and this girl is Gorgeous. A former model, Odette had several minor roles on TV shows until she landed a lead role in the TV Movie “Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape”. She followed that up with a supporting role in the action blockbuster Cloverfield. Odette is a beautiful brunette with the body […]