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Hottie of the Moment: Anna Kendrick

Just watched Up in the Air, and Anna Kendrick looked pretty hot. I love the character she plays. I remember her from Twilight, or rather, the first half of Twilight I watched before I couldn’t handle the bad acting and melodrama. I love her girl-next-door look combined with innocent naivete, she plays it very well. […]

BC Advertisment for 2010 “You Gotta Be Here”

BC Tourism has put together a commercial using some famous names such as Sarah McLaughlin, Ryan Reynolds, Michael J Fox and some others to promote BC during the Olympic Games. These ads will run on American and Canadian Television to try and entice more tourism in our lovely province. Thoughts?

Alexandre Burrows Points Finger at Referee Auger

I’m a 100% Canucks fan, but while this kind of politics probably happens all the time in hockey, I’m surprised that it has come out this way. It makes the Canucks seem like sore losers, and while its agreeable that most people that watched the game would agree that some of those calls were questionable, […]