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Noodle Soup Diet – How I Lost Weight – Part 1

I’m going to share with you guys how I lost my weight. I lost over 70 lbs over the course of 5 months at one point about 7 years ago now. I really was down on myself and had some low self-esteem issues since gaining the weight and decided it was time to lose it. […]

Web Hosting with Bravenet

A little bit of unpaid promotion for a company called Bravenet. They are a local hosting provider that provides hosting internationally and does most of their business in the US. They do web hosting and web tools for webmasters to improve their site. A great control panel interface superior to that of move hosting providers […]

Different Direction for my Blog

I’m losing interest in blogging only about audio and hi-fi… there are so many other topics that I’d like to discuss… such as ways to eat healthy and lose weight that worked for me and ways to save on grocery food bills and all these wonderful things such as my experience in relationships and what […]

MacOS on my iMac.. Not as stable as I thought

My MacOS “crashes” every once in a while, and I’m not quite sure why. I get this garbled screen of death, which cannot be recovered from except when I push the power button, then the screen goes away and its back to normal. Here’s a screen cap of the screen… oddly, Mac’s screen cap feature […]

DIY Black Hole Pre-amp/Headphone Amp

I’ve been working on a new preamp/headamp that I’ve dubbed the blackhole preamp. It will use some really neat parts including BUF627 and a tons of capacitance. This little headamp should outdo anything out there in the $3000 range in my humble opinion. Look for the write-up soon!