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Joris Stainless Steel TGN Finest Re-Knot Brush

Joris is a luxury French shaving razor and brush maker, owned by another French Luxury brush maker – Plisson. Joris has different designs and also has a very desirable line of straight and DE safety razors that are among the nicest you can buy. Their meticulously crafted shaving brushes are also nothing to sneeze at, […]

Custom Elk Antler Shaving Brush with TGN Silvertip 22mm Knot

I’ve been really getting into building my own shaving brushes recently. I’ve purchased shaving brushes from companies like Art of Shaving, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Simpsons, Shavemac, and Thater, but eventually, I just wanted to be able to have more unique handles that you don’t see everyday without paying a huge premium. TGN (The Golden Nib) […]