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HST Fighters are just a bunch of Capitalists too

I love how the guys “fighting” the HST have google ads on their website and are asking for donations to help fight the good fight. I should do the same and claim its for a just cause and try and milk people for their money under the guise of fighting the HST. Big effin’ deal. […]

Vancouver Building Demolition Collapse

Check out these two videos of a building in vancouver that was being demolished and severely screwed up by the company doing the demolition: Global Excavation and Demolition. A Surrey-based company run by Jagjeet Singh Panesar and Karmjeet Singh Panesar.

Vancouver UFC Events List

Found a great list of UFC happenings around the town. This includes many opportunities to meet UFC stars and get some photos and autographs. Many of these events are free! Friday June 11: 11am-1pm: Tapout autograph signing at Sport Chek Pacific Centre, with fighters Anthony Pettis and Mike Guymon, and Tapout founders Punkass and Scrape. […]

The iPhone 4 Sucks

The iPhone accounts for 40% of Apple’s revenues.. if we all refuse to buy them, we can then eagerly await the fall of Apple once again! I do remember when all the schools were preaching Mac’s like they were the next big thing, and then they faded into oblivion. It will happen again.. Actually, I […]