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Who else LOVES Bad Romance?

I’m absolutely addicted to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.. hell I love all her shit. She is one talented musician. She is kind of ugly, but undeniably sexy in her Gaga way. She is also extremely smart and absolutely incredible to watch live.

We Are the Fallen – If you liked Evanescence..

You will really like these guys. Seems like Ben Moody is continuing to help some female vocalists mimick the Amy Lee vocal style that was popularized by Evanescence. Youtube is broken right now so I’m going to embed a MySpace live video. Since Ben Moody was one of the main writers on the first Evanescence […]

US Congressman Peter King Jealous?

Peter King, a US congressman, has publicly vilified Michael Jackson as a child molestor and practically condemns everyone for buying tickets to the funeral. He states that we should be giving US Soldiers in Afghanistan the respect they deserve instead. Obviously there is a bit of a logical fallacy here.. we can pay our respects […]

Perez Hilton vs. Will.i.Am

Battle of the Tweets. Stars and Celebs are using Twitter now to communicate with fans because it’s easy, and it allows them to respond with their side of the story. Social media has completely revolutionalized the way we communicate and the speed at which communication happens. Perez Hilton tweeted that Will.i.Am assaulted him in from […]

Billy Bob “Asshat” Thornton the Canadian-Hater

#1 Douchebag and Anti-Canadian Billy Bob Thornton is “perplexed” as to why Canadian audiences and media were so worked up by his ridiculous blow up on Q. He said that it at least gave “humpbacked geeks” something to talk about. Well.. I’m talking about you now, Billy Buttcheek, complete with your ridiculous overgrown soul patch […]