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Oakridge Vancouver Telus (Connect) Sucks!

Last time I went to the Telus dealer Connect in Oakridge Centre, Vancouver, I talked with a girl that gave me some serious attitude. I went in to ask about if I could disable the line 2 on my blackberry curve since it always accidently switches to the line 2 when it is in my […]

Gangster Accessories to Go with Your Clothes

If getting decked out in Christian Audigier Hoodies and T-shirt’s isn’t Gangster enough for you, try adding a little more CA to your life with some of the new accessories from the wildly popular and expensive clothing line. Some of the new stuff includes Gangster Chains and Rings and even Watches. A bit pricey, but […]

Building a Good Karaoke System – Part 4

See Part 3. Finally we are back to talking about gear again. I enjoy gear much more than software, as for me, software is a means to an end, while gear is just cool! The other two main peices of gear you are going to need to complete your system is a Mixer and Microphones. […]

Upgrading the Computer – Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo

Intro I don’t know how many of you guys reading my blog are computer hardware geeks, but I would suspect not too many. I secretly harbour computer hardware geek tendancies, but when it comes to dropping the big money on computer hardware, I still cower. I do like to purchase individual CPUs, Motherboards and Video […]