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eBay Canada Sellers to be Taxed!

Breaking news on Vancouver Sun’s website tells us that eBay has provided seller information and sales records to the Canada Revenue Agency to assess whether or not sellers have been declaring income that they have been generating from the website. This is pretty big, and it looks like the CRA is going to be sending […]

The Cyclist – Motorist Feud in Vancouver

In general, I have nothing against cyclists, and many if not most of them abide by bicycle safety bylaws and respect motorists on the road. Ideally both motorists and bicyclists should be able to share the road. The problem usually occurs when you have an event like the Critical Mass bike ride that happens on […]

Microsoft and Yahoo to take on Google

Google’s dominating 65% of the search market share is nothing to shake a stick at, and Microsoft and Yahoo have finally ironed out a deal today to work together in tackling the giant that is Google. Combined they have a 28% search market share, which could be easily bolstered and improved with Microsofts new search […]

The Deterioration of Patong Beach in Phuket Thailand

I just returned from a trip to Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. It’s a beautiful beach with tons of restaurants and a bustling nightlife, but it has gone from something that is charmingly Thai to a constant marketplace full of Pakistani and East Indians, competing with the Thais for market share. Additionally, it is a […]

US Congressman Peter King Jealous?

Peter King, a US congressman, has publicly vilified Michael Jackson as a child molestor and practically condemns everyone for buying tickets to the funeral. He states that we should be giving US Soldiers in Afghanistan the respect they deserve instead. Obviously there is a bit of a logical fallacy here.. we can pay our respects […]