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Jonas Brothers Cancel Vancouver Show!

Oh Noes! What will I ever do!!!! Those sexy, yet down-to-earth, ruffly haired Jonas Brothers won’t be coming anymore.. I will have to get my money back for my tickets.. even though I would much rather spend the evening watching them! Boo Hoo.

Isn’t Emma Watson Hot?

When I heard about the nude photo this week showing the nipple slip, I scoured the internet to find it.. but found out it was fake. Bummer. Emma has really turned into a real stunner since starting in Harry Potter, and now at the ripe age of 20 is thoroughly bangable. Damn. She is definately […]

RPatz and Bella are Dating..

woo hoo. seems like everyone in Vancouver thinks its big news.. and every time they come here its all we hear about on the news! Who cares??? Though admittedly, Kirsten looks pretty hawt in the photo below.

Joshua Jackson wins Genie Award!

Joshua Jackson. Vancouver’s own star of Mighty Ducks, Dawson’s Creek, and countless many other made-for-teen movies and TV shows has grown up and is now actually winning some awards. Maybe he’ll be the next George Clooney? My Experience with Josh While I’m no longer an acquaintance of Joshua Jackson, I did attend high school with […]

Kanye is a Jackass!

I heard about this video.. regarding Kanye’s stupid MTV thing.. the best is how Obama calls him a Jackass, off the record.. and it somehow accidently gets recorded and released! Not to mention the jackass cancelled his Fame Kills tour set to kick off next month, with no reason announced.