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Prankhouse – Evolution of the Video Game

This is like almost straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.. Reminds me a bit of that movie Gamer with Gerard Butler. You log on from your computer or even your iPhone, and you control Paintball Guns, Shockers or RC Cars and try and take out one of several people living inside a warehouse in LA. […]

Funny USA Sex Laws

Alabama, Anniston – If a woman loses a game of pool, it is illegal for her to settle her tab with sex. Arizona, Cottonwood – It is illegal for a couple to have sex in a vehicle with flat wheels. The fine is doubled if the sex occures in the back seat. Arizona – It […]

How Else Will Dyson Revolutionize Daily Life?

This is a hilarious little cartoon making fun of Dyson’s overpriced and perhaps slightly improved home appliances such as his vacuums and latest bladeless fan, which runs $300US+. Like many have said before.. he is the Apple of Home Appliances. Cartoon by Tobias Lunchbreath