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We Are the Fallen – If you liked Evanescence..

You will really like these guys. Seems like Ben Moody is continuing to help some female vocalists mimick the Amy Lee vocal style that was popularized by Evanescence. Youtube is broken right now so I’m going to embed a MySpace live video. Since Ben Moody was one of the main writers on the first Evanescence […]

Warriors & Wonders – Best Shop for Knives!

In light of all my complaints, I decided that I should let others know that I in fact DO have good customer service experiences. I guess pointing out all my negative experiences really makes me seem like a negative person. Where I shop for knives and swords: Warriors and Wonders! Its a shop on Cambie […]

Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Walter Steiger, John Varvatos

I have a modest shoe collection, and while I wouldn’t call it a collection, I use it for lack of a better term. I grabbed four pairs of shoes from my 10 or so pairs of dress shoes, and decided to do a small write up on them. The shoes are: Allen Edmonds Hastings, Allen […]

Great Guide for spotting fake Hermes Ties

I’ve purchased a lot of Ties from a lot of brands, and the one brand that consistently has unique classy yet playful designs printed on some of the best silk available is Hermes. It started when I was given an Hermes Tie as a gift, and I really liked the soft hand of the silk, […]

Technorati Removing Blogs from System

I’ve noticed this happened to a lot of people.. while I don’t really care about Technorati enough to make a fuss (I own 5 blogs and they have all been removed), but its unnerving to see this happening, especially to all the blogs out there that play the linking game to try and work their […]