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The Bieksa Bounce! Kevin Bieksa scores the OT Game Winner 5/24/2011


Best. Goal. Evar.

Vancouver Canucks #1 in NHL? Oh Yes.

Vancouver hasn’t been truly #1 in the NHL in points in as long as I can remember, but they are now! They haven’t even played as many games as some of the other teams that are tight in the race. Also, their league-best single digit losses is outstanding as well as their league-best positive goal […]

Vancouver Holds Chinese Chef Competition!

Vancouver starts a new Chef’s competition, inviting chefs from 12 major Chinese restaurants to compete in a all out war for best chef in Greater Vancouver! See more at the Chinese Restaurant Awards here. Winner was Tony Luk from Jade Seafood Restaurant. I guess that makes it the best Chinese restaurant around.

Telus Mobility’s New Paperless Billing is a Money Grab

“In a bid to be more environmentally conscious”, Telus Mobility is going to start charging $2 for paper billing starting Sept 21st, 2010. There is a logical fallacy here. If Telus Mobility really wanted to be more environmentally conscious wouldn’t they give everyone a $2 discount to switch to paperless billing? Darren Entwistle just found […]