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9 Power Play Goals allowed in 3 1/2 Games?

The Canucks are unbelieveably bad.. its just a joke. They have allowed a goal on the last 5 penalties that they have had… I didn’t even know this was possible. Watching them is just painful.

Gizmodo Scores a Lost Prototype iPhone

Pretty neat… the new iPhone. Its funny because the video talks about how plugs and camera lens are moved from one place to another, like its something so amazing. They don’t talk about how it works and the iPhone is one of those things that just doesn’t work that well. Its like high heels, we […]

Joshua Jackson wins Genie Award!

Joshua Jackson. Vancouver’s own star of Mighty Ducks, Dawson’s Creek, and countless many other made-for-teen movies and TV shows has grown up and is now actually winning some awards. Maybe he’ll be the next George Clooney? My Experience with Josh While I’m no longer an acquaintance of Joshua Jackson, I did attend high school with […]

Google Will Take Over the World

See, I’m not the only one that believes that Google will take over the world. Google has the most complete stats on user behavior on the internet culled from their Free Analytics software and their search engine usage. Additionally, they have scanned tens of thousands of books, most of them violating copyright laws. They are […]

Magic The Gathering – I’m Back!

Holy crap.. after playing Magic: The Gathering as a kid, and then growing up and selling off most of my cards, I’ve decided once again that I wanted to get into the card game and have even found playgroups with people my age. I have gone full tilt, buying up lots of cards here and […]