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Apple iPad Markets the money out of your pocket!

As expected, Apple adds the front and rear facing camers to the Apple iPad, deliberately leaving it out of the first version of the iPad to ensure that they will can double their profits when people are forced to upgrade. Reminds me of Fiddy Cents famous quote: “Remix, that’s how you turn one hit record […]

Vancouver Holds Chinese Chef Competition!

Vancouver starts a new Chef’s competition, inviting chefs from 12 major Chinese restaurants to compete in a all out war for best chef in Greater Vancouver! See more at the Chinese Restaurant Awards here. Winner was Tony Luk from Jade Seafood Restaurant. I guess that makes it the best Chinese restaurant around.

Apple Infringing on Another Patent? Go figure…

For a company that claims to be innovative, they sure infringe on a lot of patents. You’d think that infringing on patents would be the behavior of an IMMITATOR, not an innovator, that Apple claims to be. Its like one after another… they keep copying what all the other phone providers are doing, and call […]