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Leaky Gut Update – One Month Later

See my original post on leaky gut to get the whole story. So its been a month, and I have been taking my supplements religiously. To recap, my altered supplement schedule is this: 1 Enzymatic Therapy DGL Chewable Chocolate before each meal 2 Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme before each meal 2 Enzymatic Therapy Pearls IC Before […]

Shopping at District Clothing in Nanaimo

I was in Nanaimo for the day yesterday, installing some cables at my fiance’s parents place for her Father’s new Hi-Fi stereo system. He decided to finally buy himself an upscale stereo, and it sounds fantastic. Anyway.. I decided to stop by District in Nanaimo and see Ryan, who’s probably one of the best guys […]

Personal Hi-Fi Audio System Video Tour

Decided that I would do a video of my hi-fi system for you guys to see how it’s set up and what not. I really enjoy the way it sounds, though it might be a little “live” in my new house. My old place was significantly more dampened, and I think the acoustics were a […]

Media Temple Down A Lot

I host this blog on Media Temple, and moved it there for it’s perceived reliability. It has been less than reliable, but granted it is very fast typically. Right now, Media Temple’s own site is totally down, and it crashes my browser when I try to go to it. Very annoying. My own sites are […]

Nudie Jeans Everywhere!

It seems like these days everyone and their dog is buying up Nudies. Whether it’s the allure of something different, or the novelty of being able to wash and distress your own jeans, people are buying this stuff up like hot cakes. It used to be a cult following, but now it seems like everyone […]