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Canada is #4 Most Developed Country in the World

Just stumbled onto this HDI (Human Development Index) thing, which places Canada in the #4 slot in the list of most developed countries in the world behind Norway, Australia and Iceland. I wasn’t expecting us to be so high up there, but good on us!!! Link:

Black Friday, Cyber Monday – Results Mixed

As we look back at this recession, we (at least I) hope to see encouraging Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – indicators that we are passed the recession and are on a solid road to recovery. Online sales reports have been in, and we are seeing an 11% rise in sales from last year […]

Central 1 Credit Union Declare’s BC’s Recession Over

So, according to these guys, our recession is over. What does everyone else think? Many people claim “Oh, my friend just lost her job, it can’t be over”, or other similarly microcosmic statements that fail to see the BC economy as a whole. Additionally, employment is one of the slowest factors to recover, oftentimes never […]

Microsoft and Yahoo to take on Google

Google’s dominating 65% of the search market share is nothing to shake a stick at, and Microsoft and Yahoo have finally ironed out a deal today to work together in tackling the giant that is Google. Combined they have a 28% search market share, which could be easily bolstered and improved with Microsofts new search […]

Canada Spared in the Recession?

According to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Canada will be not experience the worst of the global recession because of our “strong fiscal package”. The $400 billion dollar stimulus package is supported by the IMF. This is good, right? In my experience dealing with Canadians and Canadian companies as of late, I notice an slightly […]