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The Golden Nib TGN High Mountain White Badger Knot Review

The TGN Golden Nib High Mountain White knot is their flagship knot, featuring a very dense knot filled with some of the softest tips I have ever experienced. The density of the knot still gives it a decent amount of backbone in use too! The knot that I picked up was the slightly larger 20mm […]

The Golden Nib TGN Super 3-Band Finest Badger Knot

The 3-Band finest is one of the newer knots from TGN is a super premium “finest” badger knot, priced even higher than the Premium Silvertip knots. These are the same knots that were initially released as Super 2-Band Finest, but Anthony at The Golden Nib said that they have more of a 3-Band appearance so […]

TGN Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush Knot Macro Photo Analysis

Its always interesting to see the variation that we find in the different types of TGN (The Golden Nib) knots out there, especially with so many different types sharing so many similar names and descriptions on the TGN site. In addition to The Golden Nib Badger Knot reviews I have written, which I feel are […]

The Golden Nib TGN Silvertip Premium Badger Knot Review

My latest TGN Knot is the Silvertip Premium which, confusingly, is in TGN’s “Premium Silvertip” knots category along with a couple other Premium silvertip knots – the Silvertip Grade A and the Super Silvertip. All these names quickly get confusing, especially when they use the same name twice (in this case, “premium”). So, inevitably, this […]

Ace Shaving Badger Brush Knot Comparison

Ace shaving is another contender in the Shaving Brush knot arena, and while doesn’t have as many followers as The Golden Nib, is still a respected and popular source of shaving brush knots. I’m not sure if Ace Shaving is a manufacturer and distributor or just a distributor of knots like TGN. However, Ace Shaving’s […]