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Thater 4125/2 3-Band Silvertip Bulb Brush Review

Thater 4125/2 Silvertip Bulb Brush Specs: Hair Type: 3-Band Silvertip Badger Knot Size: 26mm Loft: 54mm Handle Height: 48mm Glue Bump: 3mm MSRP: $125USD Heinrich L. Thater, one of the several major players in Luxury German Shaving Brush manufacturing. The others, of course, are Shavemac, Muhle and to a lesser degree, da Vinci. While all […]

The Golden Nib TGN Silvertip Premium Badger Knot Review

My latest TGN Knot is the Silvertip Premium which, confusingly, is in TGN’s “Premium Silvertip” knots category along with a couple other Premium silvertip knots – the Silvertip Grade A and the Super Silvertip. All these names quickly get confusing, especially when they use the same name twice (in this case, “premium”). So, inevitably, this […]

Shavemac D01 3-Band Silvertip Badger Series 25 Review

Shavemac D01 3-Band Silvertip Badger Series 25 Specs: Hair Type: D01 3-Band Silvertip Badger Knot Size: 26mm Loft: 52mm Handle Height: 49mm Glue Bump: None MSRP: $170USD Here’s a review I’ve been pretty eager to write since I acquired my Shavemac a couple months back. This is a custom Shavemac brush, with a D01 3-Band […]

Ace Shaving Badger Brush Knot Comparison

Ace shaving is another contender in the Shaving Brush knot arena, and while doesn’t have as many followers as The Golden Nib, is still a respected and popular source of shaving brush knots. I’m not sure if Ace Shaving is a manufacturer and distributor or just a distributor of knots like TGN. However, Ace Shaving’s […]