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Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie cover Just a Dream by Nelly

Absolutely incredible cover of Nelly’s latest hit song, Just a Dream. First of all, I love this song – it rocks, and this is probably the best cover I have heard in a long long time, and possibly the best I have ever heard. They’re both incredible singers… and Kurt, the engineer/producer/director is very talented, […]

DaViglio Cover Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield

Its been a while since I’ve heard a pretty good new cover on Youtube… and DaViglio delivers on this one. Its a nice to see something that’s kind of original, but still pays respect to the original. She probably doesn’t have the finesse of Jordin, but a very respectable and tuneful cover. I thoroughly enjoyed […]

Rin and Rox on Youtube

One of my favourite things to do on youtube is to surf around for good covers. There is certainly no shortage of cover artists on Youtube, many of them using it as a grassroots startup catalyst to launching their own musical career. Its like everyone’s own personal American Idol. One of my favourite tracks I’ve […]