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Nestle Toll House E. Coli Contamination

Seems like everything’s contaminated these days. Latest victim is Nestle’s Toll House refridgerated cookie dough. The company has issued a recall of the Toll House refridgerated cookie dough. No other products have been contaminated. Like my high school prof said.. the only way to get E. Coli contamination into something, is to somehow get fecal […]

Canadian Gold Heist Theory Reinforced!

Earlier this month I reported that there was a possible Gold Heist at the Canadian Mint. It appears now that the third-party audit conducted by Deloitte and Touche has discovered that there is no accounting error that is creating this $15.3 Million Dollar shortfall in Gold. So it may very well be that someone has […]

DaViglio Cover Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield

Its been a while since I’ve heard a pretty good new cover on Youtube… and DaViglio delivers on this one. Its a nice to see something that’s kind of original, but still pays respect to the original. She probably doesn’t have the finesse of Jordin, but a very respectable and tuneful cover. I thoroughly enjoyed […]

Ebay Hax0red again?

Ebay’s sites, both the and (and possibly more) websites have been inaccessible for the past 30 minutes. Has ebay again been hacked? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Is Michael Jackson Dead?

TMZ says so… but all other news sources are said to be quoting TMZ. How reliable is the information? Its not April 1st today. First Farrah, now Michael. Michael Jackson is/was a pop icon and still the King of Pop. EDIT: Obviously everyone now knows that Michael Jackson has indeed passed. Rest in Peace, Michael. […]